CoronaVirus means we’re now navigating a ‘new normal’. Here at Brunswick House we want to ensure you enjoy your stay, so here’s a little bit of information about what we’re doing to keep you as safe as possible. If you want any more detail, feel free to click through to see our COVID risk assessment and cleaning protocols. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email


Please let us know what time you estimate arriving so we can ensure no-one else is likely to be arriving at the same time. If possible, please pre-pay using our online booking system. All keys are disinfected and sanitised between guests. If you or any of your party experience any COVID symptoms, such as a persistent cough or a temperature, please don’t travel to us. We would much prefer that you cancel and rearrange than risk spreading the virus.

On arrival, please use the hand sanitiser at the front door – and do keep on using it whenever you enter or exit the premises. Hand sanitiser is also available as you enter the Breakfast Room and in each of our guest bedrooms.

You’ll also notice our QR code poster on the front door. Please scan the code as you come in to check in via the NHS Track and Trace app.


We’ve revised our cleaning protocols to conform with government guidance (sometimes we even do a bit more!). Areas that are frequently touched, like the door handles, will be regularly sanitising throughout the day. Housekeeping will still take place daily, but we would ask you to vacate the room while we clean. However, we won’t be able to make your beds for you. If you would prefer not to take advantage of this service, just let us know and we can leave anything you need outside your door.


Our new, spacious breakfast room means we can ensure guest tables are well over 2 metres from each other. In addition, the breakfast window will be open throughout the breakfast service to ensure a flow of fresh air. Instead of helping yourself to cereals, fruit salad, yoghurt and pastries from a central buffet we will provide these items to each table. Hot breakfasts are still available (and just as delicious as ever), these will continue to be cooked to order and brought to your table. I will wear a mask and gloves when serving you.


Please make use of the hand sanitiser provided at the front door and the entrance to the breakfast room and in your bedroom. And please wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.

Our hallway and stairs are definitely less than 2 metres, so please wait if there is someone who needs to pass.

Masks are required to be worn throughout the public areas of Brunswick House, this means you will need to wear a mask on entry through the front door and up the stairs and corridor to your rooms. You will also need to wear your mask into the Breakfast Room. However, you can take it off when you are sat down to eat and drink.

Please follow instructions regarding social distancing, particularly in communal areas like the breakfast room and the hallway and stairs.

Feel free to open your bedroom windows for added ventilation. And on departure, please leave your window as wide open as you can so we can air the room before we go in to clean.


If you do develop any symptoms of Corona Virus while staying with us, please inform us and check out immediately so you can return home and get tested and self-isolate for 14 days.